Cellar Dweller Hobby Supply Limited

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Contact us at 204-589-2037 or call toll free at 1-866-248-0352 or send us an email at cdhobby@mts.net
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Gerry Fingler founded Cellar Dweller Hobby Supply in 1972. He has been involved in model building most of his life and has been flying R/C for about 50 years. An avid scale modeller, Gerry is a two time Canadian Scale Champion and has represented Canada at the World Championships twice. He has also competed in numerous U.S. Scale Masters Championships, the Top Gun Invitational and the only Tournament of Champions Invitational for Scale in Las Vegas. His knowledge and expertise in building design and scale detailing is invaluable.
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Kerry Fingler has been around the hobby of model building all his life. He has worked at Cellar Dweller since 1976, first part-time while attending school and then full-time after attending Red River College. Along with a big interest in scale modelling, Kerry also builds and flys IMAC pattern and 15-500, along with R/C cars. Kerry also builds and flies model rockets and stunt kites. His outgoing personality and enjoyment in dealing with people are an important part of Cellar Dweller.
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Jim Holland has been with Cellar Dweller since 1982. Jim is an avid sailplane builder and flyer and has been modelling for over 30 years. Along with sailplane, Jim also flies electric and glow power R/C and indoor and outdoor free-flight. Jim is also involved in plastic modelling, stunt kite flying and slot-car racing. Jim's knowledge of these different interests is a real assett to our staff.