Cellar Dweller Hobby Supply Limited

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Contact us at 204-589-2037 or call toll free at 1-866-248-0352 or send us an email at cdhobby@mts.net
Welcome to the shop.
Check out the photos to see a sampling of what we have to offer.
Cellar Dweller has a wide range of products, and can back it all up with the knowledge and experience to get you started and keep you going as your hobby needs expand.
Whether its planes, cars, trucks, buggies, helicopters, plastic models, power boats, sailboats, paint, batteries, chargers, field equipment, our experienced staff can guide you to the products that will serve you best.
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We have the vehicles, and all the spare parts you'll need to keep running. The shop also carries a wide assortment of upgrade parts to trick out your ride.
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Our flight line contains kits and ARF's in a wide variety of aircraft. Civilian, military, vintage, sport and more.
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Cellar Dweller also carry a large assortment of "Bind and Fly" aircraft to get you in the air quickly. Just charge the batteries, and "bind" your aircraft to your transmitter and take-off.
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These are some of the parts we keep in stock to keep your helicopter in top form.
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If plastic modelling is your hobby, we have the aircraft, cars, ships and tank kits to keep you busy.
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The shop carries all of the bits you need to finish your project, paint, props, engine mounts, wheels, spinners, nuts, bolts, batteries, chargers… we are your One Stop Hobby Shop!
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So you want to build from a plan? We can help, Cellar Dweller has the widest selection of top quality Balsa and Basswood.
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