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Contact us at 204-589-2037 or call toll free at 1-866-248-0352 or send us an email at cdhobby@mts.net
The following is a list of hobby related web-sites. We will continue to expand this list over the next few months so check back often. If you see any items that you are interested in on a particular vendor's page, contact us by phone or use the "Contact" page and we will do our best to get prices for you.
RC Aircraft Related Web Sites
Click on the URL below
Great Planes Model Products
Sig Manufacturing
RealFlight R/C Flight Simulator
Top Flite Models
Sullivan R/C Products
E-Flite RC Products
Flyzone RC Planes
Balsa USA
Kondor Model Products
Thunder Tiger USA
RC Radio Systems & Servos Related Web Sites
Click on the URL below
Futaba Radio Systems
Spektrum radios
JR radios
Airtronics radios
Hitec radios and servos
Multiplex radios
RC Engines, Mufflers & Fuel Related Web Sites
Click on the URL below
O.S. Engines
Super Tigre Engines
Desert Aircraft Engines
Saito Engines
Zenoah Engines for RC
DLE gas engines
Slimline Mufflers and products
Morgan Fuel
RC Propellors & Spinners
Click on the URL below
APC Propellors for model airplanes
Xoar Props
Tru-Turn Spinners
Master Airscrew Propellors
Batteries, Chargers and Speed Controllers
Click on the URL below
Thunder Power Batteries and Chargers
Castle Creations Speed Controllers
Deans battery connectors
Flight Power USA
Kypom LiPo Batteries
Duralite Batteries
Fromeco batteries & regulators
Landing Gear, Wheels & Pilots
Click on the URL below
Williams Brothers
Best Pilots
Plastic Model Sites
Click on the URL below
Revell / Monogram Models
Wingnut Wings
Model Rockets & General Hobby
Click on the URL below
Estes Model Rockets